About Janie

Janie Loubser

Janie Loubser


Janie is a clinical psychologist with more than 10 years experience. She believes in working beyond disorders to an area of making meaning, being curious and attending compassionately to whatever challenges one might face. Her treatment offers a space where you can explore all the different aspects of who you are in order to understand why you are experiencing discomfort. It is, therefore, much less about 'digging into the past' but rather about exploring an 'opening of yourself'; she calls this approach mindfulness-based psychodynamic psychotherapy.  


"I have a strong interest in the mind and how we can apply our minds to achieve overall health and fulfilment. I help my clients to understand their emotions and their minds, as well as guide them toward development and change" - JANIE

skills and services
  • In person individual psychotherapy - short / long term

  • In person couples psychotherapy

  • Once off consultations

  • Ad hoc consultations

  • Short support and/or guidance consultations via email

  • Solution focused email consultations 

  • Skype sessions for individual psychotherapy

  • Access to trusted resources such as authors, books, courses, websites, audios, videos and apps

  • Access to techniques, methods and practices, guides

area of expertise
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Health and Well-being

  • Self-esteem and Confidence

  • Weight-loss and Eating disorders

  • Fulfilment in Work and Life  

  • Relationships

  • Fatigue and lack of Vitality and Energy

  • Sleep and Rest

  • Life and Work Balance

  • Focus and Concentration

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

recent developments, training and interests

Janie has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and has advanced training in Couples Therapy.  Her training in Integrative Medicine (through the University of Stellenbosch Medical School) as well as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (through the Center for Mindfulness - University of Massachusetts) changed her on a personal and professional level. Through these studies, Janie became conscious of the many pathways to health and our innate potential for growth if we attend to ourselves in a mindful way. She has since made changes to the way she lives and has adopted daily practices to keep on track. She is passionate about helping others to live with greater ease and has a goal to bring about social change as a health professional. 

The Enliven website was born from Janie's desire to make psychology accessible to as may people as possible.  She believes that many psychological problems stem form a lack of connection between who we are and how we live and work. She has designed a guided series to help people live and work in a way that is a true expression of who they are.