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Sarah, Janie & SteHan

Sarah, Janie & SteHan


ENLIVEN [en-lahy-vuh n]
verb | to give life, action, or spirit to


Enliven Health (Pty) Ltd was founded by Janie Loubser in 2014. 

Enliven started as a company with the vision to help people take care of their own health and well-being. This vision has expanded and is now invested in empowering people to be successful in whatever they feel their goals are.

Through her work as clinical psychologist, she has seen her clients change their lives when they access their inherent creativity and develop confidence to express that creativity. 'Creativity' – to her – is the ability to dream and express these dreams in how one chooses to work, live and love

As the CEO she is continually working on developing strategies and programmes that help people discover their desires, develop confidence and take action to make internal and external changes. Janie admits: "I'm obsessed with making psychological concepts usable, real and relatable".  

Children should ideally receive this knowledge and these skills early on in their lives, however, it's never too late to access one's creativity and have a life that is truly satisfying and rewarding. 

meet team enliven...

We are three cool, happy and successful people. 

  • Cool, because we can create.
  • Happy, because we love creating.
  • Successful, because we create daily and deliberately.

We share the same goal: to create the life we desire. Through combining our creative forces, we are helping each other make this happen. We each have specialised knowledge and skills that we are committed to use to bring your desires to life.

Janie is a Clinical Psychologist who has taken the knowledge she has accumulated over the past ten years and organised this into a practical and easy to follow programme that helps people overcome their fears and achieve their goals. She also regularly writes articles that show people how to master their thoughts and how to use their emotions to be successful and what makes her approach unique is that it is not only guided by her professional experience but also designed to be beautiful, fun and inspiring.


Sarah has twelve years' experience in publishing and advertising and always found herself gravitating towards people and creative work. With a keen eye for writing and design, she studied courses and pursued styling projects on the side. It was only until she experienced a profoundly devastating loss in 2015 that changed everything. For 18 months she sought solace in traveling all over the world, she even lived in Thailand and by the time she returned home, she had manifested the kind of freedom and creative opportunities she had always dreamed of - ENLIVEN being one. Her journey is proof that Janie's approach, when practiced daily, is about real and lasting change and Sarah is passionate about helping others achieve the same. 

SteHan has experience in Industrial Design where he focuses on creating solutions and making products more human. He also has extensive experience as a Graphic Designer with a passion for creating great brands. He has been instrumental in creating the ENLIVEN identity and website and continues to imagine the optimal user experience for our growing community. More recently he has also become a contributor to the expanding body of content and found on our site and channels.