bosjes farm

'At the foot of the Waaihoek Mountains, situated in the beautiful Breede Valley, lies the perfect hideaway, Bosjes'


the main attraction

Bosjes Farm is at once historic and modern, boasting a remarkable heritage with an original Cape Dutch homestead, dating back to 1790 and a cutting edge, award-winning architectural masterpiece – an awe inspiring chapel – all on the same stretch of land.

The structure features an undulating white roof, which seems to be suspended in space, held in place by the floor-to-ceiling glass wall panels. The building is surrounded by a moat-like water feature, demarcating the sanctified space, while also adding to the drama of the design, by reflecting the façade on the surface of the water.

Simply taking in the symmetry and balance of this beautiful structure, one’s sense of calm and order is restored. Once inside, the sanctuary offers one a serene space for quiet contemplation – allowing you to come back to your senses – and lets you leave, feeling refreshed, with more mental clarity and a renewed appreciation for silence and beauty.

The chapel is complemented by the tea garden next to it, featuring an array of indigenous plants – the perfect setting for enjoying a soothing sip or a self-reflective stroll. When visiting between Wednesdays and Sundays, the Tea Garden restaurant also offers guests a selection of sweet or savoury delights.


The chapel, restaurant and guesthouse have some breathing space between them and you would do well to take this as an opportune moment to remain on foot, taking the time to enjoy the kind of spaciousness and laid back pace one can only find on a farm. Rather than viewing this as an inconvenience, why not take a meandering stroll from one place to the next. Here, one is encouraged to slow down, become mindful of your surroundings and let it soak in as you get ready to enjoy a hearty meal.

The main restaurant on the property, known as Bosjes Kombuis (Afrikaans for Kitchen), offers its patrons a thoughtfully curated menu, created by Master Chef judge, Pete Goffe Wood and resident Chef Kim. Epicureans can expect to be enticed by delicious dishes, from Karoo Lamb cutlets to, our favourite, sticky Asian Pork Belly. Aside from these culinary classics, one can also find a sumptuous selection of starters, salads, seafood and desserts. If you happen to have a little one, the chefs can even rustle up some yogurt or freshly made fruit or veg pureé for baby.

As part of your stay at Die Skuur, dinner and breakfast is included. The latter, a spread of homemade artisanal breads, freshly baked pastries, farm butter, cheeses with honey and preserves as well as the customary cereals, yoghurts and juices. For the carb conscious, they also offer fresh fruits, cold meats and hearty hard boiled eggs. At 8am, we were welcomed at the breakfast table by the manager, Sarah-Leigh, as she offered us a freshly made iron-rich, beetroot and apple smoothie – a great way to jumpstart the day!


If you wish to spend a night or two here, as we did, you will find solace at Die Skuur (Afrikaans for The Barn), with 5 beautifully decorated abodes, fanning out from the centrally situated pool – a welcome source of refreshment on hot summer days – with temperatures known to reach the mid to high 30's. If it gets too hot to handle outside, simply slip back into your air-conditioned room with a luxurious en suite bathroom. Most, though not all of the bathrooms at Die Skuur, feature both a bath and a shower.

Perhaps the one thing that makes the stay at Die Skuur feel so effortless, is the way it’s been laid out. There is a flow to it that just feels natural as you transition from the rooms to the pool; or the dining area and lounge. Having spent the day wandering, exploring or travelling, once here at Die Skuur, the focus is on relaxing and having everything you need at arm's length. The proximity and arrangement of these amenities provide a sense of ease and flow within a contained and safe space you can call your own.


Similarly, what is most impressive about the rooms is the feeling of spaciousness and attention to detail. It feels far more like a home than a typical guesthouse or hotel. It appears to have just the right amount of furniture – each adding equal parts function and beauty. You can sense that the rooms have been carefully considered and designed. The size, layout and furniture really have been chosen consciously. Each piece seems to have a place and a purpose. Whether it’s the generous high back sofa, inviting you to sit down with a good book; or the desk by the window – beckoning you to sit down to jot a private note to your future self, a letter to your lover, or even be inspired to write your next (or debut) novel! After all, this is your story, so feel free to go wherever the mood takes you. And while you’re at it, why not help yourself to an uplifting cup of tea or a revitalizing Nespresso.