How To Use Money To Create The Life You Want




Talking about money can feel awkward, even wrong, but if you want to make lasting changes to yourself and your life it is essential that you look at your finances as well.

Money is important, you need it and use it until you die, so why not look after your money as you would after a real life partner? It needs to be there for you every single day so you should respect it and take care of it. The way you relate to money is more important than the money itself. So partner with it. Be curious and learn about it. Know how much you have. Know where it is going. Decide how much more money you want to have. Save it. Have fun with it. Let it GROW. Share it. Let it inspire the entrepreneur in you. Let it take care of you. 

These ideas my be very new to you so ask yourself how do you usually feel about money... Afraid? Ashamed? Stressed? Careless? Risky? Ask yourself what do you tell yourself about money... There’s never enough. I can lose everything. I don’t care about money. Money shouldn’t be important. It’s bad to talk about money. It’s wrong to enjoy money. You shouldn’t be so materialistic!

Well, we live in a material world.

That is why we speak about having your dreams ‘materialise’. Your dreams and desires originate on an emotional and thought level (in other words, from inside of you), but you will not feel fulfilled until these dreams become a reality - or become matter. You are an emotional, spiritual being but until you die, you are going to live in a physical, material world. A world that can be uncertain, scary, confusing and down right ugly. The best way to live in this current state of the world is to create a beautiful life for yourself but building a beautiful life with integrity and responsibility is key. You need to feel safe and secure as well. 

By prioritising your financial goals, it means that you are making your safety and security a priority. It means that you can be independent and self-sufficient; that you will not be a burden to others and if you want, you can share your money with others without worrying about yourself. There are many ways to ensure that you are financially secure and even free.


The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion - Albert Camus


We are not financial experts and will never advise in this area but we are experts in creating beautiful lives and we have seen that when you set a  financial goal for yourself, it makes you much more effective to achieve the other desires you have for yourself. Why? If the intention with your financial goal is to build something good and beautiful it inspires you be creative, to work and serve daily, to be confident and focused, to live with integrity, generosity and even love. Then, your goal is not just about money, it is about becoming a person with character.  Through working towards this goal you grow and develop as a person.