Your Any Time 'How-To' Guide to Feeling Enlivened



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There is a force that lives inside each and every one of us. It has the distinct ability to change the way we think and feel and we have control over it at any given time. It is creative, energizing, invigorating and uplifting and if you are reading this now feeling a bit low (or even if you’re feeling great), it’s there and it is available to you, ready to inject life into your every single moment without you having to think or do anything about it.

In much the same way that your physical body keeps you alive – your heart beating, your lungs breathing even while you’re asleep – this creative force vibrates subtly inside of you and wants to do more than just keep you alive, it wants you to thrive. It may be that you’ve just lost touch with it; that you stopped believing in it; or you may have even decided to ignore it because there are just too many other things on your plate but this is the very energy that will help you turn everything around, helping you create the life you desire. 

It sounds powerful and it is, but many of us exist in a state of survival running from one thing to the next and worrying about everything from financial stresses, to our health, relationships and work. Life can be overwhelming so how do we now suddenly awaken something that we have never made time for, or fully understand and even recognize? 


It is a feeling of empowerment and confidence; when your mind is clear and knows what it wants. You are in a state of flow, living and moving at ease. It is the feeling you get when you not only realize but believe you can create the life you desire. Just having the desires alone can be painful. Having desires that you don’t actually believe you can make into your reality can bring about painful longings, feelings of hopelessness and despair and even depression; but once you know that you can create the life you desire you start to move up on the emotional scale; your energy starts to raise and you get closer to what we call feeling ENLIVENED.

Your soul works with this life force to show you what you actually desire – defined as ‘the principle of life, feeling and thought… the spiritual part of humans’* - your soul is made up of your emotions and by actively tuning into these, you can be guided to these desires. 


You may be thinking but I have never felt like this? Or when I do, it is fleeting and I can’t seem to hold onto it. Well, that is because we base our feelings on our external environment. We are constantly reacting to our environment – including the relationships and experiences that come our way – and when something changes in our environment our feelings change too. It is an automatic reaction, one that you may feel you have little control over but guess what, there is something you can do! 

You have control over your thoughts and by using your thoughts to help you generate good feelings, you are enabling yourself to have more control over the way you choose to respond to a situation rather than merely reacting. The way you think affects the way you feel - we are believed to average up to 70,000 thoughts per day; 98% of those are considered to be the same thoughts we had yesterday and even more significant, up to 80% of those are believed to be negative thoughts.** By becoming aware of what we are thinking and choosing to override these negative thoughts and feelings of fear or guilt with feel good vibes, helps you actively unlearn these negative patterns.  This is such an important piece of knowledge that will help you recreate yourself:  your thinking changes you.

When you direct your thoughts in a certain way that you feel energized, you free your creative energy up to create. How many times have you heard people’s success stories that resulted out of a 3am panic attack that had them sit up, grab their notebooks and actively map their desires that ended up turning into a million-dollar success stories? There are many, we loved Kristina Karlsson’s story and have linked to it here.  The point is, there is an emotional change that takes place irrespective of your circumstances but the trick is to practice this feeling and nurture it even before you have external reasons to feel happy. 


For starters, you have to pay close attention to those moments when you are not feeling alive – that is your cue to do something about it.  Below we have shared 5 steps that will help you feel more enlivened; the more enlivened you feel, the more creative you will be. In order to believe you can create the life you desire and actually follow through, you need to maintain this feeling… that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have a bad day, it just means that you need to start valuing this feeling more because it makes you feel alive! 




Commit to feeling good. Say to yourself: I value my feelings; I notice when I don’t feel good and then use my thoughts to move my emotions to a better place.


Commit to use your thoughts to make you feel good and be aware of your ‘self talk’. Ask yourself: What have I been telling myself that is making me feel so heavy?  By asking yourself this question, you are calling upon your reflective ability to observe your automatic thought processes. The moment you observe your thoughts, you slow them down.


Now that your thoughts have slowed down, you have the power to choose new thoughts that will make you feel better.


Once you feel better, commit to expanding on it. See how long you can generate thoughts and feelings that enliven you.


Take action that has been inspired by these good feelings and thoughts. Go for a run, do something that is a physical expression of that feeling. Maybe it means writing your ideas down; or turning the music up in your apartment and dancing and singing along. Definitely connect with people who you know share similar creative desires, remember the point is to eliminate your fears and insecurities you’ve had around meeting up with them so don’t be afraid to reach out. 




**extracts from "There are Between 50,000 Thoughts Standing Between You and Your Partner Every Day" by Bruce Davis. The Huffington Post and award-winning author Jennifer Hawthorne's article 'Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World'

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