Video / Ghosting, Icing and Simmering in Modern Relationships


Belgium therapist, author and speaker, Esther Perel, gives us a guide to communicating about love in this day and age where GHOSTING, ICING and SIMMERING are rife and common practice.


She talks about how we can still respect each other even if we don't want to be in a relationship, encouraging us to end relationships with more respect and conclusively... after all, that's something we would all be able to handle. It's the feelings we're left with after icing, simmering and ghosting that confuse us. We've always rejected people, it's been a part of the relational landscape since the beginning of time, but the intensity of the communication that can precede the intensity of no communication at all has taken on a whole new proportion. Icing, Simmering and Ghosting are three manifestations of the decline of empathy in people... 


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