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I'll be honest with you. Lately, I’ve felt a bit like an uninspired mess... that's why I've been a bit quiet on here. I'm actually really excited about all the new demands on me that have been stealing me away but they've also required me to make big decisions to ensure that they can flourish. Like the fact that I'm in the middle of moving homes (bye bye suburbia, see ya traffic!), and I’ve been working with a brand that I absolutely love, with old colleagues and clients, new friends and school friends... talk about lucky! The thing is, when you're pouring all your energy into your external environment, your internal environment ends up getting the leftover scraps and if you're not careful, no matter how much you try to convince yourself it will get better, you can end up feeling really crap. 

When Janie asked me to write an article about the magazines that have always inspired us and Enliven, I thought ‘Ah, easiest article ever... done!’ But feeling creatively bland and knowing what this space means to me, I just couldn’t seem to marry the two or bring myself to publish anything...
— Sarah

in a recent article I wrote about how our brain fires differently when we're inspired (on a neurological, psychological and physiological level), I suddenly became aware of how i was feeling NOW knowing I'd been making absolutely no time for myself. writing this piece not only helped me share what inspires us, it helped me plug into THE THINGS THAT LEAVE ME FEELING re-energised AND EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING I'M CURRENTLY WORKING ON, RATHER THAN OVERWHELMED. I hope you enjoy exploring these platforms as much as I did revisiting them AND be sure to click on the images to link to a handful of more inspirational reads. 



Morning prayer soars through the air like birdsong, steady and constant. As drums thrum and bells chime, the valley mist ebbs over bushels of tea, carrying their savoury scent across the wind. Amongst mountains and forests of bamboo, Amanfayun is just waking to a grey dawn...
— Libby Borton, 'GREY DAWN'

Cereal is a biannual, travel & style magazine that was once described as 'literary/visual crack to lovers of good taste and enviable lifestyle'. It broke the publishing mould, favouring a limited palette, spare design and uninked white spaces at a time when advertising capitalized upon every millimetre. Perhaps in part, an approach that was born out of co-founder and creative director, Richard Stapleton's, fascination with design and a mechanical engineering background. Together with his partner, Rosa Park, they started Cereal on the floor of their apartment and turned it into a collectable staple for those looking for travel, art, design and style stories that deviate from the mainstream. 



This is the season to express your deepest DESIRE, what you revel in, what you crave, what you fight for, what you pursue... Whether the temptress or the power player, the free spirit or the romantic muse - take control, have fun, and be the heroine of your own story.
— Porter, Fall 2018

This isn't the first time I've spoken about Porter on here. It's been instrumental in bringing me to my own attention and continues to inspire a lot of the work we do here at Enliven. You can tell just by reading this quote from the latest Fall issue, that it was something Janie and I very easily connected on and it is unique in that consistently, it doesn't seem to date. I can still go back to the very first issue and it speaks to desires in a way that triggers you into action. Side note, Mr Porter's online journal is just as good ... 



Lennart had an unhurried way about him that I liked. ‘Time passes slowly here in the evening,’ he said, putting another log on the fire, giving the coals a stir. The room brightened. ‘And that’s good. You can let your thoughts roll out all the way.’ Which will do nicely as an answer to the ‘What am I doing here?’ question. You’re here to have such conversations and to let your thoughts roll out all the way.

While you can access most of CN Traveller's articles online there's something about the production value of the printed version that does the exquisite photography and writing justice. Even if you never plan on travelling to a destination, it somehow manages to transport you there in a way where you're indulged, even humoured, by someone else's experience on a very sensory level. You just have to read Jeff Goldblum's interview or link to to the feature on Lake Como (pictured above) to see that it's so much more than just a destination. In a world which has us frantically on the go, travelling has a way of putting things into perspective and the writing in this magazine seems to make just as much of an impression on me in the same way a stamp would in a passport. It appeals to the daydreamer in me, I can't get enough of it.



Over time (a lot of time) she broke into who she was meant to be.
— Kayil York

For daily style, decor, travel inspo Jacey Dupree's aesthetic is right up there with the likes of Cereal magazine. We love how she's constantly reinventing her content and yet, she remains consistent and true to her brand ... From her LA home renovations to cool video content covering NY and Paris fashion week; beautifully documented travel and great tips for health, beauty and personal style. Expect light inspiration on the go, quirky Insta-stories and access to cool Spotify playlists.