enliven's guided series

(previously ReCreate You™)

Life is a creative process. By recreating yourself you will develop the internal capacity to create the life you want to have
— Janie Loubser


the six guides in the series


Through her 10 years working as a clinical psychologist with clients from all over the world, Janie saw a need to create a series that would help you:  1 / know what you want ... 2 / overcome your emotional obstacles so that you feel good and ... 3 / you know how to achieve what you want. Ignorance and fear of the unknown interfere with our ability to achieve our goals successfully, these guides are the essential framework that will take away your unnecessary worries so that you can steadily focus on and enjoy, bringing what you want to life.

Each Guide comes with reading material, questions to work through to prepare you for your guidance sessions with Janie, designed tools to help reinforce the techniques and daily practices that you will learn, as well as each Guide's allocated guidance sessions with Janie in the form of video call and email sessions. To give you an idea, if you signed up for the full Guided Series there are 8 guidance sessions (4 x video call and 4 x email sessions) - it's like therapy on steroids!



what makes this series special

With traditional therapy you commit to an uncertain process. Although I have found this work very rewarding, I felt compelled to use what I have learnt over the past ten years to create a framework with specific outcomes that I know will meet my clients' needs. Working with thousands of people from different countries, backgrounds, and challenges hasn't only helped me identify what people desire, but also the steps they need to take to bring these desires to life.



The gift that Janie gave me was the conviction that I have – within myself – the ability to create everything that I need. I found hope, and for the first time in years, I dared to dream of a better life. Coupled with a renewed sense of personal agency, I began to take accountability for making positive changes toward the life I want to live.
— Kirsty